Hi! It has been a while since my last The Sunday Currently post. I’ve been up to too many things lately and unfortunately none of them is “blog-worthy” or worth sharing so.. yeah. It’s already 10 days past April! How fast is that?! We are already on the 2nd quarter of the year! Sobrang bilis! Bat ganoin?! Di dapat ganoin! Only a week left before school starts again! Yep, we finally had our vacation last March 30. I was planning to put up a post about it but the past weeks have been nothing but stressful. There was a lot of (shitty stuff) going on at that moment. Anyway, what matters is here I am again writing up an entry! (yay) and can I just say…. tyG! My days are finally getting better again. 🙂


My past The Sunday Currently posts. It’s been a while (almost a month) since my last so I am kind of lost on how this thing goes! Medyo nalimutan ko na. Kailangan ko ng guide!

The Sunday Currently Volume 3 & I’ll probably start writing the “Life lately” entry (that I’ll be posting some time next week) after this one. Yay to productivity!

To my brother’s random upbeat/happy songs on his Spotify playlist. (Someday We’ll Know is currently playing! One my faves!)

about all the to-dos I have to finish before my last week of vacation ends! I am currently trying to get my act together (like for real #weh) so I want everything to be organized.

the apple-y smell of the floor cleaner (my brother’s currently cleaning the house… wow sipag!)

for my mom’s better health (di naman siya ganon kalala) pero sana ma-ease na yung backpain nya. Please…..

for a great term ahead! (yup, like always)

a pink Hollister shirt and blue ombre shorts. A comfy combination of pambahay.

the fact that I’ve been waking up early & working out (naks) since Friday! I just loooove mornings! (even though mornings don’t like me that much)

kitkat green tea! MAD CRAVINGS FOR KITKAT GREEN TEA. Someone buy me a box, please.

a new bag! All of my bags have already given up on me *sad face* and only a week left before school! Saan ko ilalagay mga gamit ko?! *ehem* parents *ehem* lol

Happy! (yay, finally) considering that I am on the road to better days, again! And the fact that I just  had tilapia and kangkong (favorite ulam in the world) for lunch a while ago? Happiness! 😛

How about you? How are you? What have you been up to? I hope you’re having a great day as I am!

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This post is kind of long overdue and (gladly) boredom compelled me to compose this entry. I’m not really sure if there’s much to say but I’ll try to squeeze it here. If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been with Erika and Julian for the last 3 terms. We’ve spent a lot of time together on food dates that I’ve already lost count. Anyway, last March 30 we spent our last date for the term together (Last Supper ba ito? lol).  The original plan was to eat Chinese food. We were planning to go to Binondo and find good chinese restaurants there but since I have to go home asap (because it’s my brother’s graduation) we decided to eat at a place nearby instead. We ate at this Italian restaurant at SM Manila. 


They offered a promo that consists of a pasta & meat of your choice that costs lesser than the usual (DUH,promo nga ‘di ba #AnoNaGette). Yum!



Four cheese pizza!12941201_1078443148863539_1889225536_o

Mine (HEHE)12953001_1078443138863540_1616078477_o



B, mukha tayong high dito……..

12946951_1078443578863496_80827216_o12959273_1078443648863489_187353713_o12959313_1078443628863491_479332860_o (1)12970186_1078443675530153_123462894_o12970489_1078443602196827_1007059716_o

Mi Amores

There you have it! I felt like I had to put this up on my blog so I’ll remember it. All of us would be quite busy next term so I’m afraid that we won’t be spending as much time as we did before. Considering the fact that we won’t be having same classes next term (crying #sakit). But no matter what these two would always be my loves! See you soon bitchachos! Miss you both.


Still on cloud nine from what happened last night! So excited to share this! Here goes! 

It was a usual Sunday night– I was studying for an upcoming final exam. I took a short break and I decided to randomly browse through Christiana Colling’s instagram feed. Just scrolling and liking and scrolling and liking. Gee, so much love for this girl. She is soooo stunning! So going back to the stalking, Christiana and Janina had a lot of pictures together on Christiana’s feed that it led me to Janina’s instagram feed as well. (Fyi, they’re both my girl crushes and LIFE PEGS!! AAGGHHH) I was about to stalk her as well when I came across her most recent post, which was yesterday at around I-cant-really-remember-what-time. Anyway, the post had a caption that said her snapchat (Janina’s) and Christiana’s are on public and they want everyone to just chat with them and send them snaps. So I immediately scrolled down to check what date or what time the post was, and to my surprise, it was posted “24 minutes ago”– SO OMG YAY. I was so stoked! I opened my Snapchat and sent them a snap, right away! (#fangirling) I can’t say I’m not really expecting a reply or anything– because I was. I mean who wouldn’t want even a short message from the people they admire, right? But I don’t wanna get my hopes up too high. I mean tons of people really admire them as well so I thought that replying to each and everyone might take up a lot of time (and parang ang hassle eh…’di ba?) and I saw the post a tad bit late and surely a lot people have already sent them snaps. So the moment after I sent them the snaps, I went on with my life. (wow, went on with my life?! ay ano ‘to?! haha!) I wanted a response but knowing that I already said the things I have always wanted to tell them already made me happy. I was already content and it was more than enough for me. I went back to studying for my finals and then…………….. a Snapchat notification popped up on my homescreen! OH EM GEE. I had no idea who sent me a snap or whatever…. but I was wishing that it was either Tianny or Janini. (Wow asang asa talaga ko eh, no?) For some unknown reason my feet went really numb and cold and what made it worse was my Snapchat took longer to open than the usual. AAAGHHHHHH. Then, BAM! “chrcollings is typing…”



I couldn’t even move!!!!!  And I was like “Hala omg totoo ba to” “OMG TIANNY REPLIED TO ME CAN U HEAR ME SCREAMING” “She even sent me a picture! She’s such an adorable angel” I can’t even feel my feet and hands and I could feel butterflies on my stomach. So yeah to sum it all up, I WAS FREAKING OUT! HUHUHUHU OMG Christiana freaking Collings f*cking replied to my snap! Yeah that’s right witches, be jealous (kidding!) So as any of us would do, I immediately took a screenshot of the chat! She said “Love you!!!!!” HAAAA she loves me daw! Awww I’m still kilig! I also took a screenshot of the photo she sent me. I almost cried when I missed it the first time because the photo showed up for like 3 seconds only. I was so close to tears! Fortunately, Snapchat allowed me to replay it. Yay me! 

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My tuesdays (at school) are usually spent with my loves– Erika and Julian! These people are the ones that I have been with for the past 3 terms (more or less 9 months, almost a year). We always spend lunch time together. It’s like a weekly date for us three (since we don’t get to be with Erika that much because we have different schedules). It’s our time to catch up… and we really love to eat.

So anyways, I spent my last Tuesday of the term with Erika alone. Unfortunately, Julian was sick that he can’t go to school so he wasn’t able to join us. Erika and I ate at this Korean Restaurant, Red Table. Their food is delicious! AAAGGGHHHH BULGOGI!


I had their bulgogi deopbap! Probably one of the best bulgogis I ever had. Good job, Red Table!

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for once she wants to feel alive again;
she wants to set alarm clocks at night and put it off in the morning
wanting to get up because she really wants to.
not just because she has to.
she wishes to be able to smile again
as she sees the sun the moment she opens her eyes in the morning
because she’s pumped for the new things that would come her way
not to wake up already exhausted
thinking of ways on how to get through the day
without actually stabbing herself to death
always finding her way out of everything
she wants to feel the excitement of wanting to go to school again
because the thought of learning something new
finding out new things
and discovering new possibilities
might bring butterflies in her stomach but sparkles in her eyes too
not just sit there on the corner of the room on her phone
wishing it was already time to go
for she could no longer handle the stress
and anxiety the class has to offer
she hopes to end the day with her mind and heart at peace
satisfied knowing she made it through the day well
going home with a huge smile painted on her face
for she managed to get through it despite everything
not that crooked smile
nor those eyes
that looses its sparkle for she’s about to cry
already worrying the troubles of tomorrow
she’s had enough of the bad days
maybe now it’s time for the good ones
maybe now, she finally deserves the better days
or if not, at least the lesser bad ones
she’s tired of searching for quotes and poems
just to explain all the emotions inside her
trying to find the perfect words and sayings just to make some sense
or at least just to help her to get through all the bad stuff
she was already deaf for there were voices inside her head
most of the time split into two
one wanting to end it all
but the other telling her to not give up just yet
but regardless of all that
all she ever wants now is to cast all her worries away
and believe that even though what’s going on right now may not seem to be okay
things would soon be fine
that even though life lately has been a series of bad days
and an endless cycle of wanting to give up
better days are always coming
that everything will be okay in the end no matter what
waiting for quite a little longer won’t hurt
maybe it isn’t time yet
but that’s okay
because even though everything is falling apart
even though at most times she can no longer handle it
all the pain, all the tears, even though she’s so close to losing it,
she’s not giving up
she can’t. and she won’t.
for she knows that happiness is just around the corner waiting for her
waiting to be found
the clouds of confusion will soon be gone
and all the bad days would pass– that’s for sure
they don’t last forever
her life is a wide road with obstacles and struggles
but it has great days too
all she has to do is to keep on going
because one day she’s gonna wake up and it’ll all be over
she’ll put on that genuine smile on her face
and say “i’m finally okay and i’m happy”
and finally mean it
her eyes will sparkle once more
and she’d be able to smile with her teeth again
for that’s how genuinely happy she is
suddenly it’s all gonna make sense
and she’s gonna look back at this point of her life
and be so thankful that she never gave up
one day she’ll be found– and she’ll never get lost again.



Last March 14 I finally got the chance to catch up with my college bestie, Kyla! It has been quite a long time ago since we had the chance to have a date (since most of the time our schedules don’t permit). So yup, it finally happened!


Kyla is probably one of those friends that I am most comfortable with. I can tell her everything– good or bad without the fear of being judged. She has always been that friend. Noawadays, people like her are rare. Having a friend like her is surely hard to find. She listens to my problems as I listen to hers, too. We exchange advices on how to deal with things, what to do or what not to do on a certain situation, laugh at each other’s (corny) jokes, basically everything. She’s my soul sister. She understands me in every way. I am not a very religious-y person but I can say that she is probably one of the reasons why I became closer to God. And I thank her for that, of course. And as she tells me, that I am the same person to her as she is to me. We are each other’s soul sister– and I’m happy for that. 🙂


Going back, we had a milktea date last Monday. Our lives lately have been a series of stressful events (because school) and we knew that planning a date just so we could vent out everything to each other is a GREAT IDEA. Though it wasn’t as long as we wish it would be (since Kyla still has a class to go to) but what matters is we got the chance to talk to each other face to face. Yes, Kyla and I talk to each other almost everyday through text or facebook or have a few chit chats every time we bump into each other at school but nothing beats personal, heart to heart talks– sitting down at a cozy milk tea house with a friend that you could be with for hours and not run out of things to say. AAAAAH, THE BEST. My favorite kind of people. We didn’t have much serious stuff to talk about–we just wanted to know about what is going on with each other’s lives, what we both have been up to, sharing of stories, exchange of advices and such. Anyway, we obviously had a great time! At most times hindi naman kailangan ng bonggang date, hindi naman kailangan na sa mahal na restaurant or whatever. Minsan kahit sa tabi tabi lang, eh. Haha! What matters is the person you are with. As long as you enjoyed, kahit saan pa yan, kebs ‘yan!

P.S. Hi beb, if you’re reading this, I just want to thank you for everything! I love you, always.



Gaaaah, the last few weeks have been one of the busiest weeks in my existence–schoolwise. 9th week has just ended; which means finals is approaching. Kaliwa’t kanan na ang last-minute projects, assignments, submissions, quizzes, reports, etc. Kaloka! But the good thing is, I’m only a week away from “vacation”! As I have mentioned in my previous entries, since Holy week came in a little early this year, we’d be having a week of “vacation” first before having our finals. Anyway, can’t wait for the last week to be over para makapagpahinga naman! Super pagod na sa lahat ng dapat tapusin. 



some random Articles on Marc and Angel LIFE HACK

The Sunday Currently Vol.2

to the sound of tv– random tv commercials as of the moment

of ways to make my “vacation” productive. Kailangan din mag-aral para sa finals!

the chocolate from the Chocolate Bliss I ate a while ago. Oh how I missed Sugarhouse!

for “things” to get better. ( (( ((( positivity ))) )) )

for a productive and less stressful week ahead!

my favorite Artwork shirt and purple shorts

the new lip balm that my mom bought me! I’ve been having such dry, chappy lips over the past month… super hapdi huhu. Anyway, thank you Mommy!

peace of mind. PEACE OF MIND. PEACE OF MIND. Pretty, pretty please.

more hours a day and more days a week. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is (currently) not enough to do all the stuff that I have to do.

Mixed emotions– as always. Happy and sad. But 45% happy and 55% sad. I’m happy at the way (some) things are right now. But all these things inside my head just keep on ruining everything. Have you ever felt like you’re happy but then suddenly a negative thought just pops into you’re head. then bam! Everything is just ruined. Oh well, matatapos din ‘to. (I hope!)


Anyway, hope you had a great weekend! And I wish you all a fruitful weekend ahead! Here’s to better days and positivity!

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Sometimes it all gets a little too much. We all know that life ain’t always kind. It’s not always laughing-happy-candy in the sky all the time. Life is also unfair at most times sometimes, but that’s just how it is. That being said, I hope will still look at the brighter side of life. But if you’re already clouded with confusion and you feel like everything is just a big ball of blur, I found something that might actually change the way you think and look at things.

So I was browsing through some articles on my new found favorite website, I came across this one– and I find most of it really inspirational; so I thought I should share this with you all. I figured that this might help you  if you’re dealing with issues about some stuff or you’re just completely tired or fed up about everything that’s going on or you just basically feel like life has been tougher than it usually is, here’s something to fire you with enthusiasm and keep you going! This one’s worth reading, I hope you take time to read each. Here’s to positivity!

  1. No matter what, you can always fight the battles of just today.  It’s only when you add the infinite battles of yesterday and tomorrow that life gets overly complicated.
  2. Never assume that you are stuck with the way things are right now.  Life changes every single second, and so can you.
  3. Life always begins now – right now – not tomorrow or the next day or the next.  It means you can have the new beginning you want whenever you want.  (Read The Power of Now.)
  4. The best people all have some kind of scar.  Don’t be ashamed of yours.
  5. A positive present changes a troubled past.  Looking back, you do not find what you left behind.
  6. You are not a victim.  You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten, and discouraged, but nothing has defeated you.  You have been delayed but not denied.  The person or situation that hurt you is weaker than you, because you’re still here.  So don’t let this experience weaken you – let it build you.
  7. Even when it’s tough, wear a smile.  Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy – sometimes it simply means you’re strong.  And you are.
  8. When we stop feeling sorry for ourselves, we start feeling stronger.
  9. It has been said that the highest form of prayer is giving thanks.  Instead of praying for different circumstances, give thanks for what you have.  (You’ll see why.)
  10. Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.  Break this negative habit today.  Talk about your joys, your loves, and your dreams instead.  (Angel and I discuss this in detail in the “Happiness” chapter of 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently.)
  11. The more you live, the more you learn.  The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.  Feeling incomplete is completely normal and healthy.
  12. Think of all the hundreds of thousands of steps and missteps and chances and coincidences that have brought you here.  In a way it feels like the biggest miracle in the world, doesn’t it?  Keep this in mind, and meditate on the fact that you are a work in progress, and every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there.
  13. Sometimes, to be successful tomorrow you must be wrong today.  So don’t let the fear of making the wrong decision prevent you from making any decision at all right now.  At the end of your fear is the person who you want to be, one way or the other.
  14. What’s most important in this moment is positive focus. Make the moment important and vital by doing something meaningful.  It’s that simple.  In the end, that’s all success really is.
  15. Details aside, whatever is going to happen will happen, whether you worry or not.  So just do the best you can right now, and find peace in knowing that you are.  No further judgments are needed.  Sometimes you’ve got to go through the worst of times to get the best.  And sometimes the best of times come sooner than expected.  :)

P.S. Just remember that all the struggles, challenges, obstacles, problems that we encounter along the way always serve a purpose & will surely be beneficial in the long run.  You might not be able to figure it all now, but someday you surely will. Bad days dont last; in the end, it’s all gonna get better. So worry less and smile more! 🙂

from:  marc & angel HACK LIFE


Feeling extra productive today since I wasn’t able to go to school for I was not feeling well. Super sakit ng ulo ko! Hay nako Julian, kasalanan mo ‘to! Haha kdding! Anyway, 3rd blog entry for the day, yay!

So yesterday was just a typical day– muntik nanaman ako ma-late kasi naubusan nanaman ng UV (well, what’s new?!). Super hassle talaga palagi ng Thursday Mornings ko. Hay. So while I was (finally) on my way to school, my classmate texted me that our professor won’t be able to make it to school. So yay! Okay lang kahit ma-late!!! (lol) I reached school at exactly 9 am. There was just a guy student who was the substitute teacher for that day. We just had a seatwork, that’s all. Fast forward, I called Erika so that she could prep up for we are going to watch a movie. We already had everything planned last week. So came 12 in the afternoon, Erika and I met at the school gate and went to SM Manila together. As usual, hindi nanaman namin alam kung saan kami kakain. Haha! She said she was craving for mac and cheese and I was kind of too(?) so we ate at Pizza Hut. Ang sarap ng mac and cheese nila! Huhu *sobs*.  While waiting for our order, I went up and bought the tickets.



#noselfies together because… hindi kami ganon ni Ery. We are selfie addicts ourselves pero kapag magkasama kami (for some unknown reason) ‘di kami sanay na we take a lot of pictures together. Siguro dahil lagi kami naman na kami magkasama. Hehe

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It’s already March! Grabe, ang bilis! 3 months down agad ang 2016, ganoin! I’ve been very busy for the last few weeks (and will surely be busy for the next 3 more weeks!) because finals week is approaching! I am already used to having my finals before vacation but this time it’s gonna be a bit different because Holy Week came in a little early this year so we’d be having a week of “vacation” first before our finals. At first I thought it was bad idea because mas mauuna yung sarap kesa sa hirap but I realized, maybe that “vacation week” would allow me to have a longer time to “study” (weh? study ba talaga?) because the subjects that I took up this term is a bit challenging. Well I  really hope that helps!

Anyway, I’ve been listening to some feel-good songs lately. Songs that make me feel at ease & untroubled. So I made a playlist out of it so that I could share it with you guys! I don’t really have a specific genre of music that I like– I have a varied taste in music. Parang whenever I hear song and nagustuhan ko, ‘yun na ‘yon! These songs are perfect for those who just wanna feel lighthearted and blithe– even just for a while. Enjoy!

I’m Yours JasonMraz
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Sunday Morning
I’ll Be There For You
Dancing in the Moonlight
Someday We’ll Know
MandyMoore, JonatahanForeman
Free Fall Into Love

Rainbow SouthBorder
What Can I Do
Wherever You Will Go
It’s A Beautiful Day