Hi! It has been a while… again. School resumes tomorrow so I decided to squeeze in a post before everything else. We just had our three-week term break and all I could say is that it pretty much sucked. It was yet, the most unproductive vacation I ever had. I was so lazy to get anything done. But the truth is, I want to do something A LOT of things but I get overwhelmed by it so I end up doing nothing. Ever felt the same? No? Just me? Anyway, I did manage to (at least) get one thing done my whole vacay– I already know how to drive! Yay! I went to driving school for 7 days and learned all sorts of stuff about driving… or not? Unfortunately, my driving instructor SUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS. He’s too rude(???) for my liking. The tone of his voice and the way he tells me that I’m wrong about some driving stuff is just…. mean. I mean hello??? Cut me some slack here because I’m new at this and I’m still learning?! I did learn a few things though but he didn’t even care enough to teach me some things like how to turn on and off my park lights or how the windshield wiper works. Am I supposed to figure that out by myself? Sayang bayad. And one more thing– 7 days of driving school is just tedious. I got all excited the first 3 days but after that I just got bored. Maybe because of my instructor? Idk. But some advice, if you’re ever gonna enroll to a driving school, I suggest you just take the 5 day course only. Even so, I’m just happy that at least I already know how to drive before I turned 20! Going back, tough term ahead, time and again. I’ve been at Mapua for almost 4 years and I guess every term is really tough. Just have to work your butt off every time! So even though my whole being isn’t ready to go back to school yet and pretend like a responsible grown up, I have to because I don’t have much choice. Do I? Lol.


Just a few articles and facts about Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. Every time I finish a series I just love reading facts and articles about it. Makes me love the show more. Going back, I am currently obsessed with these series! Which I’m gonna talk about on a separate post (because I am THAT obsessed lol) and hopefully it will be up by tomorrow or Tuesday!

Sunday Currently 04 and probably gonna get started on the Riverdale & 13 Reasons Why post. Wait for it!

Khalid’s American Teen album! Never knew that he was really good?! Location & Saved are my current favorites! 🙂 You can listen to it here!

About all the things that I could have done during my 3-week term break. MAN THERE SURE IS A LOT! But I guess I can just do them in the coming week? I hope!

The tapa I just cooked. Tapsi for dinner! Hehe.

For peace of mind, seryoso. A lot of terrible things have happened lately and I’m glad that they’re all behind me now but for some reason some things still bother me? To the point that I can’t easily sleep at night (most nights I sleep at around 4am. Kaloka!) I just wanna feel “okay” again. Good vibes, please come at me!

To feel better. As I’ve said, I just wanna feel okay again. Oh and of course, a good term ahead. Like always! Profs, please be good to me. 

My favorite “clubmasterr” shirt and pink shorts with cute cat prints. Very comfy and short kasi ang init, bes.

The fact that I’m going to school tomorrow. I mean it’s kinda odd though because as I’ve said, di pa ko ready. But for some reason happy na din because I’d get to see my friends again! At least, productive days are ahead because of school. Ayoko na din maburo sa bahay + hello baon!!! HEHE.

To watch Kathniel’s Can’t Help Falling In Love movie! I’ve read some tweets that it’s good daw and from the looks of it from the trailer, mukha nga! Saka nakakaintriga yung story! I hope I could watch it this week with my sister… or whoever? *libre nyo ko please*

A new set of my skincare products! I’m already running out of my micellar water, aloe vera gel, vitamin C serum and I need an acne drying lotion. But I still need to save up some more because they’re way too expensive! Hirap magpaganda ng balat, ha.

Eh? I don’t really know. Can’t say I’m sad because I’m really not but I’m not happy either. Is it possible to feel nothing at most times? Anyway, here’s to better days!

How about you? Watchu been up to? 🙂

You can also join the Sunday Currently blog link-up by siddathornton here!


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