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It is yet, a new year again! Hey there! How do you guys do? It’s been a long time since I was last here. Oh God I missed writing and documenting eventful happenings in my life. The last half of last year was much of a blur and quite a few unfortunate events have occurred but hey, that’s life right? Anyway, I’ve had plans on putting up a few posts just so I could summarize all the crazy things that happened the past year (including Gehtua’s SHS pageant!! Which is still on the drafts section by the way huhuhu) but I was so lazy!!!!! And for some reason, I can’t find the perfect words to put it altogether. I tried, though. But every time I read the whole thing I made– I was just completely unsatisfied. So I thought that maybe I should just leave it all at that– but I’m still hoping to put up the SHS pageant post!! #proudsis

Anyway, Day 16 in 2017– everything is pretty rough but somehow still good. In fact, last Sunday, my friends and I had our very first adventure for the year! We went to the Color Manila Run Year 5! IT WAS SUCH AN EXPERIENCE. IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN. Here’s a fun fact: I am one of the most taong bahay person that anyone would ever know. I always prefer to stay inside the house and do absolutely nothing fun than go out and make some unforgettable memories. That is true. For the longest time (ever since I was a kid, I guess), I was not one to always initiate “gala” with my friends. This is gonna sound off but I wasn’t really that comfortable going out with friends. Lakwatsera ako when I was a kid– up until now but only if I was with my family. I don’t know. For some reason I was always like that. I was always scared/afraid/terrified/nervous when I’m out and not with any family member. I always thought that they might scold me for not being at home yet (#CertifiedTaongBahayForLife). But, eh things change don’t they? When I went to college, that was when I realized that I should put myself out there and make some memories. Actually, it was just until lately that I became comfortable when going out with with friends. Now, I can be out with my friends and be worry free. I’m just glad that I finally went out of  my comfort zone so…Thank you friends!!!

Going back, last Sunday (January 8) was very fun. But at first, most of us were still sleepy. Imagine 4am assembly time??? I was there at around 5:15 am (was dropped off by Papa) and I went with Jc & Manaois because Mae and friends weren’t there yet. At around 6:30 we were all there and we ran on the last wave of 5k. There were really a lot of people!!! I CAN’T EVEN. It was my first time to participate in such a fun run like that. As far as I can remember, my family and I joined a fun run 6 or 7 years ago but I can’t vividly remember how that really went. Again, there were really A LOT of people. To the point that you really can’t “””run”” at first because it was really crowded. Most of us were just walking at the beginning (or in my case, still walking until the end). Then we ran for a few seconds pero hingal na agad, bes. (HAHHAHA)  After that, we saw water splashing all over the place. And we thought, “wait, Hydro Manila ba ito? Chos.” We were somehow nervous because we had our phones with us. (“pano kung mabasa? tapos biglang ayaw na magopen? hala.” we were saying things like that) But as Mae have said it, “Okay lang yan, bes. YOLO.” …and so we did. Fortunately, our phones were still functioning well despite the water. Fast forward, we already went by the first inflatable arch that they had. (as you go by each arch, that’s the only time they throw color dusts on you). The first color that we got was purple. It was funny because by the time we got there, they were already running out of color dusts. We kind of had high hopes for the first color because it is THE FIRST ONE but rather it was….. meh. We barely had any color dusts thrown on us. But since color dusts were all over the place (especially on the floor– as in the road was purple) we decided why not just get color dusts from the floor and throw it on to ourselves? I mean why the hell not? We wanted to make the moment count and have as much fun as possible so no choice but sariling sikap! And we indeed had fun. Manaois even laid down the purple road as if he were on his bed, hahaha!


Yup, we barely had color.





Manaois all comfy! Hahaha!

Come by the second arch, the color was blue!!! BLUE!!!! Which I guess is our favorite color as of the moment. (Mapuans, y’all know why) Stopping by this arch took most of our time. We took the most pictures in here & when we came, madami pang color dusts!!! Yay! Na-feel na din namin yung “Color Run” feelz, sa wakas! So we took tons of pictures.

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With Marco! (feel ko close na kami… char)


People were throwing color dusts everywhere and nalagyan pa ko sa mata actually!! Well, it was my bad because I was stupid enough to not put my glasses on. Pero hindi pa ako nadala, I just wiped the dust off my eyes and continued to take pictures without it. How stupid am I?! Then that was the only time I realized that yeah, I better put my glasses on.


with Jmzzzzz

Anyway, as we were on the second arch, we were waiting for Manaois & Jc (since they went on a different way to check out other routes and arches) because we wanted to have a complete group photo in the blue dusts. For the reason that we want an #AllBlue year and we believe that those color dusts were a good sign to begin the year with. (paniniwala namin ‘to, walang basagan ng trip ok).

My favorite group photo from that day! *insert blue hearts* 

#TeamJowa #TeamLandi #TeamHarot (jk lang luv these people)


Hi girls!!!

Going to the 3rd arch– this was probably the arch that I regret going to the most (the hardest one to take off I swear). I was LITERALLY showered with green dusts– we all were, except for Marco. But hey, it was still fun.

See what I mean? Huli sa akto si Kuya, shinampoo-han ako ng color dusts!

w Jy!! 

Another Manaois moment, everybody.
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w Jc!!

Moments after passing by the 3rd arch, we realized that we went the wrong way. That route was supposedly for 21k runners (we only registered for 5k). So instead of one last arch, we went by three more. We passed by the yellow and the pink ones. Not much pictures were taken since we were all kind of tired already.


As we were on our way back to the open grounds, there was a motorcycle going around telling everybody that the mini concert (or rave, something like that I’m not really sure) is starting in a few minutes. We didn’t care much and just walked and still took a lot of pictures. BUT WHAT WE FORGOT WAS THE COLOR DUSTS THING THAT PEOPLE USUALLY SEE ON PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS WHERE THERE WILL BE A COUNTDOWN AND AFTER THAT PEOPLE ARE JUST GONNA THROW COLOR DUSTS INTO THE AIR AND IT WOULD LOOK LIKE SOME MAGICAL UNICORN WENT BY AND EVERYTHING IS SO WHIMSICAL AND COLORFUL. (you know what I mean.. maybe not) AAAAGGGHHHHHH. Okay we totally forgot about that. Maybe we were having too much fun that we TOTALLY forgot about it. Well I’m not entirely sure if my friends really forgot but I sure did. That part was kind of disappointing. What made it more disappointing was I literally saw the color dusts thrown into the air. I mean when we got there, there were still 5 seconds left on the countdown and I saw everyone just when they’re about to do it. It broke my heart. (kind of) Yeah sure, it was nice to see it up close BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN MORE FUN IF WE WERE ACTUALLY ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO THREW THOSE DUSTS INTO THE AIR. Okay I need to calm down. But heh, what’s done is done. Balik nalang ulit to taking a shit load of pictures.

Hahahaha my favorite picture of the boiz!!!! Super funny nya lang for me #F4

BTS hahhaaha go bessies


We claimed our color packets and decided that we just use it for Instagram/Twitter/Facebook purposes.

Looooovvveeeeee thisssssssss
(L-R): Mae, Abi, Jm, Me, Jy, Jc, Manaois & Marco



And by the way, we saw Akel! The group photo was taken by her. Ty Akel!


#TeamSingle w #TeamJowa!!! Hirap maging 3rd & 4th wheel. Chos. Haha hi Abi!


Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Super cute ni Jm & Jy. I can’t even 😦 Lord, pahingi na ng jowa, please. Joke!!

Going baaaack, we stayed for a few minutes and danced & sang along to some songs.


To sum it all up, the whole experience was definitely one for the books. Aside from it was my first adventure of the year with my friends, it was the first adventure– in general that I had ever since. Super thank you, Friends!!! Here’s to more adventures with this bunch!


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