Hi! It has been a while since my last The Sunday Currently post. I’ve been up to too many things lately and unfortunately none of them is “blog-worthy” or worth sharing so.. yeah. It’s already 10 days past April! How fast is that?! We are already on the 2nd quarter of the year! Sobrang bilis! Bat ganoin?! Di dapat ganoin! Only a week left before school starts again! Yep, we finally had our vacation last March 30. I was planning to put up a post about it but the past weeks have been nothing but stressful. There was a lot of (shitty stuff) going on at that moment. Anyway, what matters is here I am again writing up an entry! (yay) and can I just say…. tyG! My days are finally getting better again. πŸ™‚


My past The Sunday Currently posts. It’s been a while (almost a month) since my last so I am kind of lost on how this thing goes! Medyo nalimutan ko na. Kailangan ko ng guide!

The Sunday Currently Volume 3 & I’ll probably start writing the “Life lately” entry (that I’ll be posting some time next week) after this one. Yay to productivity!

To my brother’s random upbeat/happy songs on his Spotify playlist. (Someday We’ll Know is currently playing! One my faves!)

about all the to-dos I have to finish before my last week of vacation ends! I am currently trying to get my act together (like for real #weh) so I want everything to be organized.

the apple-y smell of the floor cleanerΒ (my brother’s currently cleaning the house… wow sipag!)

for my mom’s better health (di naman siya ganon kalala) pero sana ma-ease na yung backpain nya. Please…..

for a great term ahead! (yup, like always)

a pink Hollister shirt and blue ombreΒ shorts. A comfy combination of pambahay.

the fact that I’ve been waking up early & working out (naks) since Friday! I just loooove mornings! (even though mornings don’t like me that much)

kitkat green tea! MAD CRAVINGS FOR KITKAT GREEN TEA. Someone buy me a box, please.

a new bag! All of my bags have already given up on me *sad face* and only a week left before school! Saan ko ilalagay mga gamit ko?! *ehem* parents *ehem* lol

Happy! (yay, finally) considering that I am on the road to better days, again! And the fact that I just Β had tilapia and kangkong (favorite ulam in the world) for lunch a while ago? Happiness! πŸ˜›

How about you? How are you? What have you been up to? I hope you’re having a great day as I am!

You can also join the Sunday Currently blog link-up by siddathornton here!


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