This post is kind of long overdue and (gladly) boredom compelled me to compose this entry. I’m not really sure if there’s much to say but I’ll try to squeeze it here. If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been with Erika and Julian for the last 3 terms. We’ve spent a lot of time together on food dates that I’ve already lost count. Anyway, last March 30 we spent our last date for the term together (Last Supper ba ito? lol).  The original plan was to eat Chinese food. We were planning to go to Binondo and find good chinese restaurants there but since I have to go home asap (because it’s my brother’s graduation) we decided to eat at a place nearby instead. We ate at this Italian restaurant at SM Manila. 


They offered a promo that consists of a pasta & meat of your choice that costs lesser than the usual (DUH,promo nga ‘di ba #AnoNaGette). Yum!



Four cheese pizza!12941201_1078443148863539_1889225536_o

Mine (HEHE)12953001_1078443138863540_1616078477_o



B, mukha tayong high dito……..

12946951_1078443578863496_80827216_o12959273_1078443648863489_187353713_o12959313_1078443628863491_479332860_o (1)12970186_1078443675530153_123462894_o12970489_1078443602196827_1007059716_o

Mi Amores

There you have it! I felt like I had to put this up on my blog so I’ll remember it. All of us would be quite busy next term so I’m afraid that we won’t be spending as much time as we did before. Considering the fact that we won’t be having same classes next term (crying #sakit). But no matter what these two would always be my loves! See you soon bitchachos! Miss you both.


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