Still on cloud nine from what happened last night! So excited to share this! Here goes! 

It was a usual Sunday night– I was studying for an upcoming final exam. I took a short break and I decided to randomly browse through Christiana Colling’s instagram feed. Just scrolling and liking and scrolling and liking. Gee, so much love for this girl. She is soooo stunning! So going back to the stalking, Christiana and Janina had a lot of pictures together on Christiana’s feed that it led me to Janina’s instagram feed as well. (Fyi, they’re both my girl crushes and LIFE PEGS!! AAGGHHH) I was about to stalk her as well when I came across her most recent post, which was yesterday at around I-cant-really-remember-what-time. Anyway, the post had a caption that said her snapchat (Janina’s) and Christiana’s are on public and they want everyone to just chat with them and send them snaps. So I immediately scrolled down to check what date or what time the post was, and to my surprise, it was posted “24 minutes ago”– SO OMG YAY. I was so stoked! I opened my Snapchat and sent them a snap, right away! (#fangirling) I can’t say I’m not really expecting a reply or anything– because I was. I mean who wouldn’t want even a short message from the people they admire, right? But I don’t wanna get my hopes up too high. I mean tons of people really admire them as well so I thought that replying to each and everyone might take up a lot of time (and parang ang hassle eh…’di ba?) and I saw the post a tad bit late and surely a lot people have already sent them snaps. So the moment after I sent them the snaps, I went on with my life. (wow, went on with my life?! ay ano ‘to?! haha!) I wanted a response but knowing that I already said the things I have always wanted to tell them already made me happy. I was already content and it was more than enough for me. I went back to studying for my finals and then…………….. a Snapchat notification popped up on my homescreen! OH EM GEE. I had no idea who sent me a snap or whatever…. but I was wishing that it was either Tianny or Janini. (Wow asang asa talaga ko eh, no?) For some unknown reason my feet went really numb and cold and what made it worse was my Snapchat took longer to open than the usual. AAAGHHHHHH. Then, BAM! “chrcollings is typing…”



I couldn’t even move!!!!!  And I was like “Hala omg totoo ba to” “OMG TIANNY REPLIED TO ME CAN U HEAR ME SCREAMING” “She even sent me a picture! She’s such an adorable angel” I can’t even feel my feet and hands and I could feel butterflies on my stomach. So yeah to sum it all up, I WAS FREAKING OUT! HUHUHUHU OMG Christiana freaking Collings f*cking replied to my snap! Yeah that’s right witches, be jealous (kidding!) So as any of us would do, I immediately took a screenshot of the chat! She said “Love you!!!!!” HAAAA she loves me daw! Awww I’m still kilig! I also took a screenshot of the photo she sent me. I almost cried when I missed it the first time because the photo showed up for like 3 seconds only. I was so close to tears! Fortunately, Snapchat allowed me to replay it. Yay me! 


((((  ((( (( ( KILIG VIBES ) )) )))  )))) *insert heart eyes crying emoji*



Out of so much excitement and happiness, I tweeted these screenshots right away and Tianny retweeted and liked it. Quota na ‘ko! Hehe. #kilig

But wait…. there’s more! Just when I thought my night couldn’t get any better, JANINA REPLIED TO MY SNAP AS WELL!!!!!!!! (It’s Janina f*cking Manipol FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) OH MY GOD IDK WAT 2 FEEL ANYMORE AM I AT HEAVEN ALREADY


And we kind of”talked”/”chatted” for quite a while (or baka feelingera lang ako? lol) because she replied to me twice! Kilig kilig kilig! I told her that I’ll hug her and Tianny very tight if given the chance to meet them in the flesh. And she said that they’ll hug me tight back! (isn’t she the sweetest *crying*) Of course, fangirl alert! Screenshot, agad agad! Ganoin! 




It was such a blissful night! People might think of it as “mababaw” or just a petty thing that shouldn’t matter much or whatever but I don’t actually care. The fact that my #lifepegs actually took notice of me is surely a big thing! It’s been a day and I’m still  filled with awe. It surely felt like a dream! Hihihi. Looking forward to more snaps from you both, Tianny and Janini! (ay… #abusada lol)

I’ve always admired Tianny and Janini ever since I’ve known them through a friend. As cliché as it may sound but THEY ARE REALLY A PERFECT REPRESENTATION OF #FRIENDSHIPGOALS. Super chill, laid-back type of friendship where you can just goof around and be silly and do anything together– especially TRAVEL!!!!! #goals #goals #goals Plus! We all know that life ain’t happy-candy-in-the-sky-all the time but they make it seem like it! They don’t let the nega vibes get into them that much and they just shrug it off with happy vibes!

I just hope one day I could find a best friend like Tianny or Janini and we’d just do A LOT OF TRAVELING TOGETHER! Or better yet…. be Tianny and Janini’s friend (or perhaps, their best friend too? EHHH how I wish!) and travel with them, too! That would be great, wouldn’t it?! #wishfulthinking

Before ending this entry, I wanna share with you my favorite #JaninaChristiana photos! 


Super adorbsssss, my loves!! ❤

I suggest you follow them on Snapchat and Instagram!
Snapchat: @janinamanipol & @chrcollings

Janina’s instagram
Christiana’s instagram

P.S. If you want a daily dose of #JaninaChristiana adventures, following them on Snapchat is a great thing to do! *wink*


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