My tuesdays (at school) are usually spent with my loves– Erika and Julian! These people are the ones that I have been with for the past 3 terms (more or less 9 months, almost a year). We always spend lunch time together. It’s like a weekly date for us three (since we don’t get to be with Erika that much because we have different schedules). It’s our time to catch up… and we really love to eat.

So anyways, I spent my last Tuesday of the term with Erika alone. Unfortunately, Julian was sick that he can’t go to school so he wasn’t able to join us. Erika and I ate at this Korean Restaurant, Red Table. Their food is delicious! AAAGGGHHHH BULGOGI!


I had their bulgogi deopbap! Probably one of the best bulgogis I ever had. Good job, Red Table!


While Erika, on the other hand, had their Samgeopsal. I’d like to think it was delicious too, for she looked like she enjoyed her meal!



This lunch date is a tad bit different from all the lunch dates we had over the past 9 months. It’s the first time that we actually took photos of our food. Aaaand yaaaaah, selfies together! Yay here goes!





Hehe yaaaay


Pa-selfie lang po! Hehe


The aftermath…. sarap talaga eh! :p

And at around 2, we went back to school. Super init that day so we decided to take a pedicab to school. (Grabe, ang mahal talaga ng pedicab I swear. Overpricing kayo mga Manong!)


double chin is forevahhh lol

As far as I can recall, that was the only good thing that happened that day. The Bulgogi I had for lunch and the fact that I spent my last Tuesday at school with Erika my luv! Hehe. But regardless of all the bad stuff that happened, I managed to get through the day. Yay me!

P.S. Sorry for the low quality pictures! Slow internet connection suck forever.


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