Last March 14 I finally got the chance to catch up with my college bestie, Kyla! It has been quite a long time ago since we had the chance to have a date (since most of the time our schedules don’t permit). So yup, it finally happened!


Kyla is probably one of those friends that I am most comfortable with. I can tell her everything– good or bad without the fear of being judged. She has always been that friend. Noawadays, people like her are rare. Having a friend like her is surely hard to find. She listens to my problems as I listen to hers, too. We exchange advices on how to deal with things, what to do or what not to do on a certain situation, laugh at each other’s (corny) jokes, basically everything. She’s my soul sister. She understands me in every way. I am not a very religious-y person but I can say that she is probably one of the reasons why I became closer to God. And I thank her for that, of course. And as she tells me, that I am the same person to her as she is to me. We are each other’s soul sister– and I’m happy for that. πŸ™‚


Going back, we had a milktea date last Monday. Our lives lately have been a series of stressful events (because school) and we knew that planning a date just so we could vent out everything to each other is a GREAT IDEA. Though it wasn’t as long as we wish it would be (since Kyla still has a class to go to) but what matters is we got the chance to talk to each other face to face. Yes, Kyla and I talk to each other almost everyday through text or facebook or have a few chit chats every time we bump into each other at school but nothing beats personal, heart to heart talks– sitting down at a cozy milk tea house with a friend that you couldΒ be with for hours and not run out of things to say. AAAAAH, THE BEST. My favorite kind of people. We didn’t have much serious stuff to talk about–we just wanted to know about what is going on with each other’s lives, what we both have been up to, sharing of stories, exchange of advices and such.Β Anyway, we obviously had a great time! At most times hindi naman kailangan ng bonggang date, hindi naman kailangan na sa mahal na restaurant or whatever. Minsan kahit sa tabi tabi lang, eh. Haha! What matters is the person you are with. As long as you enjoyed, kahit saan pa yan, kebs ‘yan!

P.S. Hi beb, if you’re reading this, I just want to thank you for everything! I love you, always.


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