Gaaaah, the last few weeks have been one of the busiest weeks in my existence–schoolwise. 9th week has just ended; which means finals is approaching. Kaliwa’t kanan na ang last-minute projects, assignments, submissions, quizzes, reports, etc. Kaloka! But the good thing is, I’m only a week away from “vacation”! As I have mentioned in my previous entries, since Holy week came in a little early this year, we’d be having a week of “vacation” first before having our finals. Anyway, can’t wait for the last week to be over para makapagpahinga naman! Super pagod na sa lahat ng dapat tapusin.Ā 



some random Articles on Marc and Angel LIFE HACK

The Sunday Currently Vol.2

to the sound of tv– random tv commercials as of the moment

of ways to make my “vacation” productive. Kailangan din mag-aral para sa finals!

the chocolate from the Chocolate Bliss I ate a while ago. Oh how I missed Sugarhouse!

for “things” to get better. ( (( ((( positivity ))) )) )

for a productive and less stressful week ahead!

my favorite Artwork shirt and purple shorts

the new lip balm that my mom bought me! I’ve been having such dry, chappy lips over the past month… super hapdi huhu. Anyway, thank you Mommy!

peace of mind. PEACE OF MIND. PEACE OF MIND. Pretty, pretty please.

more hours a day and more days a week. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is (currently) not enough to do all the stuff that I have to do.

Mixed emotions– as always. Happy and sad. But 45% happy and 55% sad. I’m happy at the way (some) things are right now. But all these things inside my head just keep on ruining everything. Have you ever felt like you’re happy but then suddenly a negative thought just pops into you’re head. then bam! Everything is just ruined. Oh well, matatapos din ‘to. (I hope!)


Anyway, hope you had a great weekend! And I wish you all a fruitful weekend ahead! Here’s to better days and positivity!

You can also join the Sunday Currently blog link-up by siddathornton here!


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