Feeling extra productive today since I wasn’t able to go to school for I was not feeling well. Super sakit ng ulo ko! Hay nako Julian, kasalanan mo ‘to! Haha kdding! Anyway, 3rd blog entry for the day, yay!

So yesterday was just a typical day– muntik nanaman ako ma-late kasi naubusan nanaman ng UV (well, what’s new?!). Super hassle talaga palagi ng Thursday Mornings ko. Hay. So while I was (finally) on my way to school, my classmate texted me that our professor won’t be able to make it to school. So yay! Okay lang kahit ma-late!!! (lol) I reached school at exactly 9 am. There was just a guy student who was the substitute teacher for that day. We just had a seatwork, that’s all. Fast forward, I called Erika so that she could prep up for we are going to watch a movie. We already had everything planned last week. So came 12 in the afternoon, Erika and I met at the school gate and went to SM Manila together. As usual, hindi nanaman namin alam kung saan kami kakain. Haha! She said she was craving for mac and cheese and I was kind of too(?) so we ate at Pizza Hut. Ang sarap ng mac and cheese nila! Huhu *sobs*. Β While waiting for our order, I went up and bought the tickets.



#noselfies together because… hindi kami ganon ni Ery. We are selfie addicts ourselves pero kapag magkasama kami (for some unknown reason) ‘di kami sanay na we take a lot of pictures together. Siguro dahil lagi kami naman na kami magkasama. Hehe

Okay so going back, natapos na kami kumain and I want a dessert– well anything sweet. Starbucks coffee sana kaso nagtitipid DAW si Erika so wag nalang. Then we saw Candy Corner and they have this chocolate covered caramel candies? Not sure if that’s how hey call it. But it’s delicious– though very VERY VERY SWEET (and medyo masakit sa ngipin) but it still is delicious! We were still a couple of minutes early so before we went to the cinema house, Erika was looking for some (cheap) boyish clothes for her character on Tekno Teatro. So I accompanied her and we looked for some clothes. There was a botique named chic-a-boo (not sure) and went in. Akala namin pang jeje yung mga clothes pero infairness, ha! It’s cheap but great finds! Kebs yung mga damit nila. (don’t judge, poorita kami). The original plan was she’s just gonna buy her needs– which was the shirt needed for her character KASI NGA NAGTITIPID SIYA. But then there were slight changes when she saw this floral-y dress that she cannot let go of. Sabi niya pa sa’kin “bb, di ko na to kaya pakawalan. Bilhin ko nakaya ‘to?” Oh ‘di ba? Nagtitipid, ha. Then she fitted both clothes and it suits her. Ganda niya sa dress! *heart eyes emoji* Then she ended up buying both. (Nagtitipid talaga siya, promise). Okay, so it was around 1:40 and we already went to the cinema house.

We watched Always Be My Maybe. Ang cute ni Arci and Gerald! Whoever thought of pairing them is a genius! They’re not the typical love teams na pa-sweet sweet, super chill lang nila! And again, cute. Cute cute!!!


Spoil ko ba kayo sa movie? Joke! But hear me on this– this movie is a must see! Lalo na sa mga taong victim ng pa-fall and sa mga pa-fall, themselves. And of course, para sa mga brokenhearted. I know thatΒ it is easier said than done but Okay lang ‘yan! Lilipas din ‘yan and magiging okay ka din. And who knows? Baka mamaya ma-inlove ka din sa taong tumulong sa’yo mag move on. Yie! Lol why am I saying such things? Haha. Honestly, I know nothing about all these moving on shitso but if anything– it’s all gonna get better. So going back to the movie, it was really cute! Medyo cliche yung plot ng story but it’s still worth it! There are a lot of funny scenes to enjoy! There was not even a moment na na-bore ako sa movie. And the selection of songs that were used on the movie were great too! Kudos, Dan Villegas! Plus, ANG GANDA NI ARCI. I SWEAR. Erika and I keep on saying “Shet, ang ganda ni Arci” the entire time. Because it’s true, she was jaw-droppingly beautiful and smoking hot! And her pouty lips, though. Oh my God I think I’m gay? Kidding! Gerald was good, too. Gwapo pa din siya, infairness. And watch out for Kakai’s character. Sobrang laughtrip! To wrap it all up, if you want a good laugh and a dose of funny hugot lines, you should probably watch this one!

So the movie ended at around 4 so Erika and I went back to school because we still have classes. Day well spent with Ery! Hihi, movie bud forevs.

P.S. Ang ganda talaga ni Arci.


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