My COE128 course is probably the most annoying, corny & boring class that I have ever attended in my life. EVER. It’s only week 6 but I already ran out of reasons to keep me going to class. I have been studying for 13 years and I already had a pretty good amount of professors and classmates that I have been with, that’s why I’d have to say that THIS IS THE WORST CLASS EVER. Why?

First of all, the subject itself is boring. At first you thought it’s simple but at some point you’d realize that it’s waaaaay too complicated that you won’t wanna listen to whatever your professor has to say. Kebs naman sya, magegets naman, kaya naman… pero ewan ko ba. Di talaga ko naeenganyo makinig.

Second, my professor decided she wants an alphabetical seating arrangement… which probably means that I’m seated at the back AGAIN. I totally hate it. Mas nakakatamad makinig. Ang tangkad at ang laki pati ng mga nasa harap ko. Jusko paano.

Third, my professor is sooooo boring as well. No offense. Yup, she knows what she’s discussing, she knows what she’s teaching us– I can definitely see that and I can probably say that she is good at the subject itself but she’s not so good at the “teaching” part. She doesn’t provide a learning environment that is “enjoyable” for the students. You get what I’m saying? She’s a little too bookish (figuratively), which makes it a lot harder for me to listen to her because IT. IS. SO. BORING. (jeez, how many times have I already used that phrase?!) I mean with all the rules and such like bawal ma-late or else you’ll either sing or dance in front of everybody in the classroom. Recitation EVERY MEETING. EVERY MEETING. Or else you’ll perform in front of everybody, again. Oh ‘di ba? Ang lakas lang maka-high school vibes. Well you know, every once in awhile it’s okay to treat us like that but to do it for the entire term? Not a good idea. Though I’d have to say that I’m thankful that she doesn’t rush when it comes to teaching, she even does it step by step for the students to understand– for the students to be able to cope up. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a break from all the other professors who teach soooo fast as if someone is actually chasing them from behind. Buuuuut… but, but, but… it’s also too much. I don’t know if somehow I already got used to fast-paced learning that’s why I already find her ways tiresome and a bit stodgy. Basta masyado siyang old school. Hay, ewan. Can’t find the right words to use. Okay naman sana siya eh… kaso di talaga siya okay. (lol what?!) Oh and one more thing, she’s too damn confusing. I can’t figure her out. She’s kind of laid back but strict too.

Lastly, my classmates. Most of them are guys. 99% of them. Okay so HEAR ME ON THIS– THEY ARE THE MOST ANNOYING CLASSMATES IN THE WORLD…THE UNIVERSE, RATHER. (wow Pia Wurtzbach lang? Lol!) But seriously speaking, nakakairita sila. Nakakairita talaga. Sobrang high school ng attitude. Puro kasi geeks, ugh. Basta ang babaw nila and they give out A LOT of side comments–which by the way is very annoying. Like for an instance my professor relates the lesson to some “hugot lines” and they’d all be like “OOOOOHHHHH” or “AAAAAWWWWWW” And the worst expression? It would have to be “Boom!” My goodness. Sobrang high school. Jejemon. Yuck. Ew. (I’m a mean bitch right now, I know). I can never rant enough about how annoying these people are. Sometimes I feel like they’re all born to annoy the sh*t outta me thrice a week. Oh hell.

So in summary, yup! Worst class ever it is. Well, wala naman ako magagawa. It’s not like I have a choice. 4 more weeks. 4 more weeks ng pagtitiis and it’ll all be over. Kapit lang, self. U got this.


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