It’s Valentines day today! (#NoLovelife #NoDate lol) Happy Valentines day, everyone! I just spent the whole day at home, figuring out what to do. Super unproductive day, though. I hope you all had a great day today! … because I did not. Haha kidding… not. After weeks of thinking things through, I decided to join the bandwagon! So here it is, my Sunday Currently vol. 1 😊

“The Sunday Currently” entries on tumblr. Wanna see what people have been up to!

The Sunday Currently Vol 1 😊

To my V-day playlist on Spotify. Love is in the air? Lol!

About life.. I guess? I don’t now but lately I’ve been contemplating about my life and what to do about it. You know, realizations & such.

The pungent smell of the chemicals in my hair. (Kakapa-rebond ko lang last week!)

For peace of mind… better days, please.

A black shirt from the Foundation day of our school that I got last year and my fave comfy shorts.

The song All About Us by He Is We and Owl City. Gee, I’ve been listening to this song over the past two weeks, I think? I just looooove  everything about the song! But nope, I don’t find the lyrics relatable. I just love the melody, rhythm or whatever you call that. Plus! I told my brother to listen to it and he is currently loving it now as well. Hehe!

A venti  iced Caramel Macchiato & choco glazed doughnut from Starbucks.

Someone to talk to about everything that I’ve been keeping inside. I. NEED. TO. LET. IT. ALL. OUT

A bit of every emotion about all the current happenings. Both happy and sad. Everything right now is just a big blur of confusion. I just hope everything will fall into place. Positive vibes lang, ganoin!

You can also join the Sunday Currently blog link-up by siddathornton here!


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