These days it’s just so hard to tell. It’s so hard to tell if someone does or say something and really mean it. All sorts of questions would just pop out, out of nowhere. Like do they really mean it? Did they say it because it’s what they feel? Or maybe it’s because of something else? What if they did it on purpose just to please somebody else? What if they did it only because they are told to do so? What if they only did it because they’re gonna get something in return? I mean who knows? What could be the motive? What if they weren’t told to do so? Would they still do it? What if they won’t get anything in return? Would they still go on? The real question is how could you really tell? How do you distinguish? How could you really tell if people are dead serious & sincere about what they do or say? I’m just totally hunted by the idea that people could be saying things the whole time but don’t mean any of it. Skeptical, huh? But seriously, you get what I’m saying? Words are words. They’re powerful. They can make or break.


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