She wants something to keep her going.
Something that she could look forward to.
Or maybe an assurance, you know.
That somewhere down of it all, it’ll all be worthwhile
She’s desperately seeking for that tiny hole where she could look through
and see if by any chance, everything would all make sense in the end
She wants to know if everything would soon turn out well
She’s harnessing hope– however little there may be
and trusting that things can get better in the end no matter what
Yes, she’s so drunk on the idea that everything would surely fall into place
And she hopes it does because she’s tired
She’s so damn tired about everything that has been happening lately
Her monotonous, boring & uneventful life, she’s pretty sick about all of it
The same things keep on happening everyday– nothing new.
Same old, same old.
She wants something else
She wants to be on the pursuit of something that’d set her soul on fire.
Something that she might enjoy
Something that she might be REALLY happy about
Something that she could hope for– and could really count on it
Not just something that would give the false hopes of “happiness” when in reality
all it ever does is break her & make her feel terrible about herself


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