Can i just vent out my annoyance over professors that are very very veryyyy inconsiderate. I don’t really care about all these foundation week whatsoever shits but it would be really really REALLY nice if professors would inform or at least give a short notice if they would be able to make it to class or not. I know that they’re all busy with all these programs about the foundation week (which I don’t really care about) but a simple post or an announcement would be very much appreciated. I mean it won’t take them hours to type “Hey class I’m kind of busy with some stuff so I can’t meet you today, you no longer have to go to class.” and post it on the facebook group or Blackboard. I mean how hard could that be?!?!!? It’s already worse that the only class that I have today starts at 4 in the afternoon but what makes it worst is that I came all the way from south, I am at least 2 goddamn hours away from school and then all of a sudden… oh the professor decides not to show up. Woo yay free cut i’m so happy i could jump on a unicorn *note the sarcasm*. I really think that professors should be MORE CONSIDERATE about the students because just in case they don’t know (if you’re a professor/teacher and you happen to be reading this, I just want you to know that…) we also have stuff to do and you guys aren’t the only people on the planet that has errands or deadlines or stuff to do or a life…. because we (speaking on behalf of the students) have a life too. And we don’t like wasting our precious time as much as you hate wasting yours. Thank you very much.


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