So yesterday was a boring Thursday afternoon for me since I have tons of hours of break time. So I decided to go see a movie just so I could kill time. I went to the mall and decided to watch My Bebe Love. Ewan, sobrang nacurious kasi ako. Tsaka fan ako ng AlDub lol cute nila, eh? Anyway, people have been talking about it. I’ve read good and bad comments from everywhere, so I thought, why not watch it just so I could see for myself? After watching the movie I could say that it was quite okay– well I guess it’s just a matter of perspective. It wasn’t the best but it didn’t suck much either. Some people said that it was corny– well it quite was. Maybe it’s because I was expecting more jokes, funny moments or whatever. It was just the typical romance-comedy movie. The plot & the complication of the story was nothing extraordinary. It was not much. But I’d have to commend Maine Mendoza. For someone who just started out at the business, I could say that she was good. And oh, she was very pretty the entire time. The amount of kilig was fairly good, except the last part (lol). And, opo. Ang gwapo po ni Alden. Yung dimples! My goodness. But it would have been better if he didn’t wear glasses because it made him look quite old. But to sum it all up the movie turned out okay and if you just want a good laugh and the right amount of kilig on the side, watching this movie would be a good idea.


Yep, I watched the movie all by myself because I’m a grown up like that, lol. Watching a movie alone isn’t so bad after all. I don’t know, but to me sometimes there’s just satisfaction at being alone. Quality time with myself!


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