Last Sunday was filled with great, horrible, bittery-sweet happenings that made my last day of vacation quite eventful and of course fun! I started the day by waking up at around 9 in the morning thinking that we’d be celebrating my grandmother’s birthday at Vikings, MOA because that was actually the original plan. But my grandmother called at around 10 and told us that we’d just be celebrating it at Sambokojin instead, which was nearby. So we went to SM Southmall as soon as we finished everything we had to do. To our surprise, there was no reservation…. and we were the first ones to get there. It was already around 12 I guess? So we were on the waiting list since we’re kind of “late” for lunch that we need to line up. Then minutes after, my grandmother and my uncle’s family showed up. There were A LOT of complaining and shitty stuff that I don’t need to mention about. Well anyway, the buffet restaurant was just serving number 12, while we were in number 33. So they thought of looking for another restaurant just so we could eat already– considering the fact that I have to leave at 1pm since I promised my college friend, Kyla that I’d make time for the cotillion’s practice for her debut since its only weeks away. We looked for restaurants nearby and ALL of them couldn’t even decide where to eat. So it took a LOOOOOOOOOOOT of time. So to cut all the crap out, it was already 1pm. And I ENDED UP EATING FAST FOOD–MCDONALDS TO BE EXACT. Wow, from buffet to fast food real quick. I can never rant enough about how mad and furious and annoyed and pissed I was at that moment– that I ended up crying while ordering at Mcdonald’s. (How great, right?) I was kind of feeling under the weather that day and the heat— oh god the heat. So I was kind of hoping I could eat good food, real food before I go but I ended up with nothing. So I left the mall at around 1:30. With a heavy heart (wow OA).

Came 2:20 in the afternoon, I was already on my way to QC. OH. MY. GOSH. This was the first time that I’d go to QC without having anyone with me. I mean, I’m from South and not much familiar with all the places at North. And it is a Sunday– super hirap humanap ng fx na papuntang fairview. So as soon as I hopped in, I was just worriedly staring at the window of the fx the whole time, hoping that I won’t get lost or I won’t get past my destination. Fortunately, I got there safely! (Yay me i’m officially a grown up lol) So we went to Kyla’s condo and the rest of the cotillion team were there. So my partner and I have to catch up since I wasn’t around when they practiced the steps earlier that day. (Lalandi lang ako ng onti) I can’t seem to focus on the practice….. kasi ang gwapo talaga ng partner ko *faints* aaaaand HE SMELLS VERY VERY VERY NICE. Ugh. Guys who smell nice are my weakness, seriously. And he was so kind and was such a gentleman. Then afterwards, we get to practice with the whole team. Together with Kyla’s older sister, Ate Bea– which kind of scared me at first because she was kind of strict. Well anyway, to cut the story short, the practice went well and I guess we’re all set for Kyla’s debut… not really. I had so much fun. And I can’t wait for everybody to see it! I just hope we get to do it correctly on the day itself (lol). We ended up eating pizza right before we go home and I was with my partner on the way home since we were both headed to South. We had a great conversation about the most random things. He’s such a nice guy. The conversation went well than I expected– considering that we just met that day.


Meet the Cotillion Team! ❤

(L-R) That’s Yen, Fergie, Queennie, Kyla, Miko, Paul, Me & Nath! 😊

So to sum it all up, I had so much fun! That day wasn’t as shitty as I thought it was. I’m just glad that I spent the last day of my vacation with good company and it turned out great! 😊


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