The Wednesday Currently

So it was a Wednesday morning and I was already awake at 6am for we have to go to our Lola’s house because it was her birthday. We just came there to give her the gift, had a few chit chats, but we already had to go because 2 of my younger siblings already had school and they have to leave before 7 in the morning. We were home again at around 7 and I decided to go back to sleep. Geeeeeeeez I friggin woke up at 3pm!!!!! WHAT. THE. F. I slept for 6 hours 😳 medyo mabigat sa feeling. It felt like I had something heavy placed above my head. Basta ang bigat. So I went downstairs and used my laptop since I didn’t feel like watching tv. Well came 5pm, my parents already got home. I was hoping that they brought home food for I had no lunch (because I was busy sleeping lol). Pero waley. So they asked me if I want anything for dinner. I didn’t have anything in mind so I told them “kayo, kahit ano. Kayo bahala.” They suggested Mang Inasal para daw unli rice. Eeeekkkkk. Medyo na-trauma na ko because the last time we ate there, medyo hilaw pa yung chicken. Anyway, so Papa kept on asking us what we want for dinner. He insisted that we eat out tonight for a change. Nobody had a better suggestion so I told them I’d take a bath first then we can go back to deciding where to eat (wow parang sobrang big deal na kailangan pa pag-usapan, ‘no? Haha!) So as I was taking a bath, Papa knocked on the door and told me, “Ate okay lang sa’yo sa S&R tayo?” OF COURSE IT IS FREAKIN OKAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! Waaaaah I’m super happy!!!!! We are not into fancy restaurants or whatever, whenever we go out. S&R’s pizza would do just fine (and their churros & cookie dough ice cream, of course.) …and it’s been a while since we last ate pizza lol. Anyway, we have all been so busy lately and I’m glad that we found time to do this again– eat out. Simple joys! 😊


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