Today is the birthday of my baby!!!! (wow, makababy naman ako diba) Well kidding aside, today is Alden Richards’ birthday! Who happens to be (one of) my celebrity crushes– as of the moment. Alden Richards is one half of the ever popular, phenomenal love team AlDub (just in case you don’t know them, you might wanna click here lol) Anyway, I didn’t actually knew him until he was paired with Yaya Dub and became so popular. Since then, I’ve been watching Kalyeserye everyday. Though I don’t get to watch it live (because school) but I make sure to watch the replay every night before I go to sleep. I haven’t been a fan of a love team this hard in my life, but they have always had a way to make me feel good. Stress reliever kumbaga. Anyhow the reason why I’ve had this HUGE crush on him was because of his personality (aside from the super gwapo face *especially the dimples*, of course). I don’t know him personally but people have been talking about how kind and humble he is. And you could probably see it on TV. I mean mahahalata mo naman kung nagpapanggap lang na maging humble at mabait ang isang tao ‘di ba? But him, he’s so genuine. He’s so real. He has a pure heart. Though I’d have to admit that feeling ko boring siya… because he’s too good. Too good is boring, but who cares anyway! He’s Alden freaking Richards for goodness’ sake.

A lot of good things has been happening to him lately.

He has been so blessed over the past year–and HE DESERVES ALL OF IT. (considering everything that he has been through) I know that he will never ever get to see this but as a fan I just wanted to greet him a happy happy birthday! You deserve everything! AlDub You! ❤ (hehe ang landi ko)


PS. Sana maging kayo ni Maine in real life.


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