There’s this “i’ll-tweet-your-initials-and-say-things-about-you-if-you-like-this-photo” circulating around Twitter lately. I guess my twitter friends are just trying to find ways to entertain themselves in this über boring vacation (haha lol joke) well anyway, I ain’t joining the bandwagon this year so I’ve decided to like each of that photo that I came across my timeline. Gladly, people’s opinions on me are very funny & overwhelming. Haha! They’ve been saying things like I’m cute or pretty. I just get kilig by reading all of it. Not to sound conceited or anything– I mean being called cute or pretty once in a while is (I guess) a good thing. They also said things like they find my tweets funny & entertaining especially when I fangirl to all my celebrity crushes 😂 I am just flattered by the thought that I could sometimes make them laugh by just saying what’s on my mind. Not all people would get to like you and it’s a nice feeling when you know somebody does. Lastly, they have been complimenting me about my instagram feed. Which I don’t know what to feel about. You might think that this is a humblebrag but no it isn’t. I am not even satisfied with my feed. I mean its okay-ish and its fine but I’m just overwhelmed that some people find it as “feed goals” or whatever you call that. My feed is far far far faaaaaar away from being branded as the “feed goals” because my life has been so uneventful lately so I don’t get to post much, I still can’t get the right filters to use. I don’t have much knowledge on what to or how to adjust lightnings, contrast, angles, etc to make the photos pleasing to the eyes. But hey, I just wanna thank them for appreciating 😊 I am a very shallow person and simple compliments like these surely makes my day 😊


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