I’m not sure if it’s just me (us) growing up or Christmas is just dying every year? I’d have to say that this year’s Christmas is the most uneventful one in my existence. Though I’m just extremely happy for what I got for Christmas because it was probably one of the best. Priceless–that no money could ever buy. Well going back, I have always pictured Christmas to be so happy and fun and magical with all those Christmas lights and lanterns you see at streets to the Christmas songs you hear everywhere to all the gift giving and food sharing. But none of those happened this year. It was boring. Christmas this year felt like an ordinary day. I wasn’t even excited about it. Well I was… maybe a couple of days before it. But on the day itself, man I could not find the right words to describe how empty Christmas was this year. All I could ever say was “where are the christmas vibes at”. At first I thought that “hey maybe its just me maybe everyone else is having a good time on Christmas day but me” but no. Social media—specifically Twitter proved me wrong. A lot of people have been tweeting about how boring & uneventful their Christmas is, too. I can’t say that I’m happy I’m not the only (miserable) one. It even made me feel worse. I mean, why is it like this? Is this really how “grown-ups” celebrate Christmas nowadays? If yes, then I’d have to say that growing up is no fun. I just miss being a little kid getting excited for Christmas. I miss nagging my mom about where are all those big red socks are because I have to hang them under our stairs so that I could get a lot of chocolates from “Santa” on Christmas day. I miss waking up excited on Christmas day and going straight right under the Christmas tree & finding the boxes that has my name on it and excitedly opening my presents. I miss dressing up for the occasion. Always wanting to wear red or green because its Christmas. I just miss everything about it. I guess Christmas becomes less christmas-y when you’re growing up. You’re no longer excited. Chocolates doesn’t excite you anymore. No more gifts. No more dressing up. Its just sad that as people are growing old they tend to spend less efforts on occasions like these. I’m just terrified by the thought that Christmas would get more boring & boring each year that we won’t celebrate it anymore. Well I just hope not. And, one last thought: isn’t it funny that we wait for months and months only to feel like not celebrating Christmas on the Christmas day itself……. ugh idk anymore. I JUST MISS THE OLD CHRISTMAS. THE OLD CHRISTMAS VIBES. THE OLD CHRISTMAS FEELS. I JUST MISS IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. I tell you, I’d give anything just to have one of those Christmas celebrations again 😦


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