Hi! It has been a while… again. School resumes tomorrow so I decided to squeeze in a post before everything else. We just had our three-week term break and all I could say is that it pretty much sucked. It was yet, the most unproductive vacation I ever had. I was so lazy to get anything done. But the truth is, I want to do something A LOT of things but I get overwhelmed by it so I end up doing nothing. Ever felt the same? No? Just me? Anyway, I did manage to (at least) get one thing done my whole vacay– I already know how to drive! Yay! I went to driving school for 7 days and learned all sorts of stuff about driving… or not? Unfortunately, my driving instructor SUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS. He’s too rude(???) for my liking. The tone of his voice and the way he tells me that I’m wrong about some driving stuff is just…. mean. I mean hello??? Cut me some slack here because I’m new at this and I’m still learning?! I did learn a few things though but he didn’t even care enough to teach me some things like how to turn on and off my park lights or how the windshield wiper works. Am I supposed to figure that out by myself? Sayang bayad. And one more thing– 7 days of driving school is just tedious. I got all excited the first 3 days but after that I just got bored. Maybe because of my instructor? Idk. But some advice, if you’re ever gonna enroll to a driving school, I suggest you just take the 5 day course only. Even so, I’m just happy that at least I already know how to drive before I turned 20! Going back, tough term ahead, time and again. I’ve been at Mapua for almost 4 years and I guess every term is really tough. Just have to work your butt off every time! So even though my whole being isn’t ready to go back to school yet and pretend like a responsible grown up, I have to because I don’t have much choice. Do I? Lol.


Just a few articles and facts about Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. Every time I finish a series I just love reading facts and articles about it. Makes me love the show more. Going back, I am currently obsessed with these series! Which I’m gonna talk about on a separate post (because I am THAT obsessed lol) and hopefully it will be up by tomorrow or Tuesday!

Sunday Currently 04 and probably gonna get started on the Riverdale & 13 Reasons Why post. Wait for it!

Khalid’s American Teen album! Never knew that he was really good?! Location & Saved are my current favorites! 🙂 You can listen to it here!

About all the things that I could have done during my 3-week term break. MAN THERE SURE IS A LOT! But I guess I can just do them in the coming week? I hope!

The tapa I just cooked. Tapsi for dinner! Hehe.

For peace of mind, seryoso. A lot of terrible things have happened lately and I’m glad that they’re all behind me now but for some reason some things still bother me? To the point that I can’t easily sleep at night (most nights I sleep at around 4am. Kaloka!) I just wanna feel “okay” again. Good vibes, please come at me!

To feel better. As I’ve said, I just wanna feel okay again. Oh and of course, a good term ahead. Like always! Profs, please be good to me. 

My favorite “clubmasterr” shirt and pink shorts with cute cat prints. Very comfy and short kasi ang init, bes.

The fact that I’m going to school tomorrow. I mean it’s kinda odd though because as I’ve said, di pa ko ready. But for some reason happy na din because I’d get to see my friends again! At least, productive days are ahead because of school. Ayoko na din maburo sa bahay + hello baon!!! HEHE.

To watch Kathniel’s Can’t Help Falling In Love movie! I’ve read some tweets that it’s good daw and from the looks of it from the trailer, mukha nga! Saka nakakaintriga yung story! I hope I could watch it this week with my sister… or whoever? *libre nyo ko please*

A new set of my skincare products! I’m already running out of my micellar water, aloe vera gel, vitamin C serum and I need an acne drying lotion. But I still need to save up some more because they’re way too expensive! Hirap magpaganda ng balat, ha.

Eh? I don’t really know. Can’t say I’m sad because I’m really not but I’m not happy either. Is it possible to feel nothing at most times? Anyway, here’s to better days!

How about you? Watchu been up to? 🙂

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It is yet, a new year again! Hey there! How do you guys do? It’s been a long time since I was last here. Oh God I missed writing and documenting eventful happenings in my life. The last half of last year was much of a blur and quite a few unfortunate events have occurred but hey, that’s life right? Anyway, I’ve had plans on putting up a few posts just so I could summarize all the crazy things that happened the past year (including Gehtua’s SHS pageant!! Which is still on the drafts section by the way huhuhu) but I was so lazy!!!!! And for some reason, I can’t find the perfect words to put it altogether. I tried, though. But every time I read the whole thing I made– I was just completely unsatisfied. So I thought that maybe I should just leave it all at that– but I’m still hoping to put up the SHS pageant post!! #proudsis

Anyway, Day 16 in 2017– everything is pretty rough but somehow still good. In fact, last Sunday, my friends and I had our very first adventure for the year! We went to the Color Manila Run Year 5! IT WAS SUCH AN EXPERIENCE. IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN. Here’s a fun fact: I am one of the most taong bahay person that anyone would ever know. I always prefer to stay inside the house and do absolutely nothing fun than go out and make some unforgettable memories. That is true. For the longest time (ever since I was a kid, I guess), I was not one to always initiate “gala” with my friends. This is gonna sound off but I wasn’t really that comfortable going out with friends. Lakwatsera ako when I was a kid– up until now but only if I was with my family. I don’t know. For some reason I was always like that. I was always scared/afraid/terrified/nervous when I’m out and not with any family member. I always thought that they might scold me for not being at home yet (#CertifiedTaongBahayForLife). But, eh things change don’t they? When I went to college, that was when I realized that I should put myself out there and make some memories. Actually, it was just until lately that I became comfortable when going out with with friends. Now, I can be out with my friends and be worry free. I’m just glad that I finally went out of  my comfort zone so…Thank you friends!!!

Going back, last Sunday (January 8) was very fun. But at first, most of us were still sleepy. Imagine 4am assembly time??? I was there at around 5:15 am (was dropped off by Papa) and I went with Jc & Manaois because Mae and friends weren’t there yet. At around 6:30 we were all there and we ran on the last wave of 5k. There were really a lot of people!!! I CAN’T EVEN. It was my first time to participate in such a fun run like that. As far as I can remember, my family and I joined a fun run 6 or 7 years ago but I can’t vividly remember how that really went. Again, there were really A LOT of people. To the point that you really can’t “””run”” at first because it was really crowded. Most of us were just walking at the beginning (or in my case, still walking until the end). Then we ran for a few seconds pero hingal na agad, bes. (HAHHAHA)  After that, we saw water splashing all over the place. And we thought, “wait, Hydro Manila ba ito? Chos.” We were somehow nervous because we had our phones with us. (“pano kung mabasa? tapos biglang ayaw na magopen? hala.” we were saying things like that) But as Mae have said it, “Okay lang yan, bes. YOLO.” …and so we did. Fortunately, our phones were still functioning well despite the water. Fast forward, we already went by the first inflatable arch that they had. (as you go by each arch, that’s the only time they throw color dusts on you). The first color that we got was purple. It was funny because by the time we got there, they were already running out of color dusts. We kind of had high hopes for the first color because it is THE FIRST ONE but rather it was….. meh. We barely had any color dusts thrown on us. But since color dusts were all over the place (especially on the floor– as in the road was purple) we decided why not just get color dusts from the floor and throw it on to ourselves? I mean why the hell not? We wanted to make the moment count and have as much fun as possible so no choice but sariling sikap! And we indeed had fun. Manaois even laid down the purple road as if he were on his bed, hahaha!

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Hi, there! This post has been long overdue. Pardon me for not making time being able to update my blog. I have been trying to find time to write but the past month had been very busy… and the term just ended about two weeks ago! I already had a lot of free time last week but for some reason I was too lazy to put up a post. But now that my lazy bum ass is somehow gone, expect multiple posts from me about how my life (currently working on my post birthday celebration!) had been for the past month before the week ends!

It has been over a month since Awkward ended…. *floor-crying*. I miss Jenna, Matty and the rest of the gang! Still can’t get over the fact that there weren’t any closure to the characters and that the finale is an open ended one. It needs another season to justify all that has happened on the last episode of Season 5. All hopes up for Season 6!!!! Hello, MTV! Kindly hear us out!  Anyway, here I gathered all the bits and pieces I learned from watching Awkward. Some people might think that it was nothing but pure comedy and people just goofing around but if you watch close and pay more attention, there are A LOT of life lessons from it. Especially for us, Millennials. (considering that it was a teen-oriented series)

  1. Popularity isn’t everything. So what if you’re not? You don’t have to be. Personality goes a long way– believe me.
  2. Overthinking does not help, AT ALL. Don’t waste your time and energy stressing over the littlest of things. By thinking too much, we sometimes create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place– and it makes things much worse.
  3. Best friends >>> Boyfriends/Girlfriends. Let’s put emphasis on this. Friends are family. Don’t be the person who cuts off all their friends for a relationship.
  4.  Remove toxic people from you life. If there are people who are forcing you to do something you don’t like  CUT THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE. Don’t think twice about it. Bad influences are a major no-no and they won’t get you anywhere. Don’t trade a short span of fun for something that you’ll regret for the rest of your life. 
  5. Cheating is AND WILL NEVER BE GOOD. Whatever your reason may be, it’s just completely W R O N G. How many times do we have to go over this?
  6. You always have to make a choice. Whether you like it or not.
  7. You can have sober fun. Nothing against partying but hanging out with friends with a cup of coffee, a good laugh, endless stories and good conversations seem to be more appealing to me.
  8. Sex/kissing/hooking up makes everything a LOT MORE COMPLICATED THAN IT ALREADY IS. Hi, Jenna Hamilton! I know you agree with me *wink*
  9. You’re gonna need people to get by. Most especially your friends who’s gonna help you to get through a lot of stuff. This is certainly a major life lesson from the show. It shows how important friendships are in life.
  10. Be true to yourself. You don’t have to change yourself or morph in just to be ‘cool’ or ‘in’. If you don’t like what they like or if you don’t do what they do, that’s fine. Don’t do it. Keep on doing you. Nobody likes a fake.
  11. Your feelings are always valid. ALWAYS. If you feel like wrapping yourself in a cocoon of sadness and just wanna lay in bed all day, do it. You have to give it to yourself every once in a while.
  12. Going through crap doesn’t give you the right to treat people like crap. Yeah sure you have the right to feel things and you may be going through a sh*t load of problems but so does everybody else. It’s not an excuse, keep that in mind.
  13. Words are very powerful. They can either make or break. Once you’ve said it, you can never take it back. Be sensitive enough to think of other’s feelings too.
  14. Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset. Things done can never be taken back. What’s done is done. And at most times, the damages done will be damages….. FOREVER.
  15. Blogging is awesome but sharing every single thing going on with your life is not cool. The internet is NOT A 100% SAFE. Think before you click (such a cliche, I know) But try to put a boundary on  everything. There are things that must be kept to ourselves… and ourselves only. (BELIEVE ME. Been there, done that)
  16. Never throw away all the good things you have going on with your life just to be with or please someone. Just refer to Jenna’s experience on Collin & Luke.
  17. You don’t need a romantic relationship to be happy. You’re not alone just because you’re single. You have your friends– they can make you happy. You can be happy on your own. There are a lot out there that can give you happiness more than you could ever imagine. 
  18. It’s okay if you haven’t figured it all out yet. It’s a process. No need to rush. Everything will fall into place in the right time.
  19. Parents commit mistakes too and they don’t know all the answers to everything. They may or may not know what’s best for you but try to listen to them more often. A lot of times, the saying “Parents know best” still apply.
  20. It’s okay if you don’t wanna be with your friends sometimes.  You’re gonna have to be with yourself every once in a while, and that’s great. Alone time is the sh*t.
  21. Girls are complicated. They just are. Nuff said.
  22. LIFE CAN BE REALLY AWKWARD…… sometimes.

Awkward fan like me? Sign this petition and #SaveAwkward!!! (It would only probably take you a minute to sign this! 😉)


I am miserable now– not feeling unhappiness, just lack of life coming to me and coming out of me– resignation to getting nothing and seeking nothing, staying behind shell. The glare of unknown love, human, unhad by me– the tenderness I never had. I don’t want to be just a nothing, a sick blank, withdrawal to myself forever. I just want something, besides the emptiness I’ve carried around in me all my life.

–Allen Ginsberg


 I don’t usually read books but I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks inspired movies! I’d say that I’ve already watched ALL of his romantic novels that turned into a motion picture. From Message in a Bottle to The Choice— they’re all my favorite. Name it and I’ve already watched it! *wink* (unfortunately, I haven’t read any of his books. I hope soon, though.)  I love how all of his stories are tragically beautiful. It has its way of letting you feel a full range of emotions. A little bit of everything. At most times, a cozy vibe at first. Though his stories are known to include tragic elements at most times, it’s all worth it. I love the countryside vibe. Away from the city. Everything is placid and serene; peace and quiet. There is something about his stories that I truly love. Every movie is worth a cry.

His newest novel– The Choice recently went up the big screen!
The Choice is about two people who first met as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life’s most defining events. 


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Hello, guys! How you doin’? *insert Joey’s voice from FRIENDS* How have you guys been? How’s vacation so far? Nakapag beach na ba? O staycation lang sa bahay? Whatever it may be, I hope you’re doing okay! Sobrang init talaga, no?!?!?! (lol, perpetual conversation starter) I swear I don’t know if I’m in Manila or Satan’s sweaty armpit. Ya feel me? I know you do. Anyway, given the extreme heat this summer, if you have nothing important to do outside I suggest you just stay inside the house. Buksan nalang ang aircon/electric fan to the highest level (at matulog), ganoin! Haha! And oh, drink lots and lots of water! Mahirap na baka ma-heat stroke or what… lol #GettyCares (naks). Okay, so everyone is just beginning their summer and I just started going to school again. Wow. Ok. So….

School (again) has officially started!  I always have this love-hate relationship with the first day/week of the term. I love the fact na medyo “chill” pa because it is still the first week. But on the other hand, I hate it for the reason that most profs don’t show up!! (yep, like always. every term, walang mintis!) It’s a first-day-of-school- kind of thing. I also hate it that I still get nervous. I don’t even know why. Considering that it’s the “first day of school” every 3 months on my case. Ewan ko ba, seeing a sea of people lined up on cashiers/registrars trying to pay their fees, trying to walk in on class without knowing anyone, all the unfamiliar faces, bleak stares, introducing yourself in front of the class, meeting your professors for the first and everything else in between, gives me nothing but S T R E S S. I still get random anxiety attacks though I’ve been studying for 13 years already. Nothing compares to the unavoidable back-to-school tension. Anyway, the title of this post says it all. I am (unfortunately) all by myself for the last term of the school year. (#sad  #loner). I don’t have any of my close friends as my classmates this term…. hay. Darn you, Mapua for giving out such shitty schedules and limited slots!!! *beastmode*. But to look at things in a more positive way, I guess this is somehow good. At least I’d exert extra effort on my classes because I have no one to depend on. Naks, Miss Independent! As to my professors… fortunately they’re all okay! I mean GREAT. They’re all great! 🙂 (tyG!) How about my classmates? Uh, let me put it this way…… I guess it’s too early to tell? But I met someone from my calculus class, I can’t remember his name but……. I think I’m gonna hate him for the next three months. Alam nyo yung typical na pa-pogi/pa-cool na guy na SOBRANG YABANG? Yep, he’s one of those. I know that it’s clearly none of my business but…… UGH. Okay, tama na. But aside from that guy, they’re all good and I think I can make it through all my classes this term. Except…. I miss Julian 😦 We were together 6 times a week before. I’ve been with him everyday for the last three months and I don’t know how to survive without him anymore. Ang oa pero true. (brb crying)

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It’s already April! We are already on the 2nd quarter of the year! Where did the first 3 months of 2016 go? The months have went by too fast and I can’t keep up anymore. The last weeks have been very difficult for me. It has been a series of total let downs. I’ve dealt with a lot of stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, dreadful days and all the shitty stuff in between. But enough of that– my heart & mind is now at peace… again (well I hope it lasts longer now). To be honest, I never thought that I’d be this happy again. I cannot squeeze it all in here but believe me when I tell you that the way I was weeks ago was surely one of the worst things that had ever happened to me. But that’s life. “it all gets better” talaga ang theme ng buhay! 🙂

How about you guys? How’s life so far? I suppose that most of you are probably on vacation mode already– or maybe some of you are down to their last week(s) of school or will get some time off work and would probably have some fun soon! In any case, I hope you get to enjoy your summer vacay! As for me, maybe I won’t. Unfortunately, I’d be having classes while everyone else is busy travelling around the globe (or sleeping until noon time). #QuartermProbs. Making the most out of the remaining (vacation) days, though!

Moving on! I wrote this entry to let you know about how my (not so) boring life has been going on recently. As I have mentioned earlier, I’m glad that everything is getting better again. Hoping for far more greater things to come my way! Despite everything, I’m just thankful 🙂

So…. here are some of the things that keep me “busy”

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I want to paint my life with mistakes and memories. Bright and burning like the most exciting of books. Every page a meaningful tale to tell. Every page multicolored. Every page worth remembering, for the sad or the happy for the bad and the worst. I want to live not merely exist anymore. I’m tired of the misconception that people get from arguments like this. I mean, I want road trips to unlikely places and campfires and jotting down constellations in the middle of nowhere, where the loud city lights won’t dim the night sky. I want to go to a concert and lose my voice with the vigor of the crowd. I want to go on color runs and curse at myself when my hair looks a weird mix of green and pink for a week. I want to stay up all night talking about the universe. I want to ride a Ferris wheel and not close my eyes when it hits it’s highest point. I want to live life to the fullest. And I want to do it now. Not years from now, when I’m bitter and angry and do most of it out of rebellious causes just because I spent all my life locked up in my room.